Let the Blooms Begin!

I had to come back in because it’s just too darned hot out there! I really wanted to get some more weeds pulled before they choke out my beautiful blooms which are starting to really get going out there.

I added a new little helper to the garden…

She’s solar powered and will look adorable with the firefly kids I already have. I put her in the alyssum bed because it’s about to bloom and she won’t get lost in there. She’d be dwarfed just about everywhere else already…

The irises are starting to come alive now and look gorgeous…

I probably would have had time to weed around them but I spent an hour fixing the pea trellis after we had hurricane force winds come through again yesterday. Ugh. At least they weren’t damaged and are also starting to bloom now, too…

As much as I love my flowers, this year it’s these other blooms I am most excited about!

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