Our Montana Trip: Reflecting

While we were on our way to and from and especially in Virginia City itself, I couldn’t help taking a million photos because everywhere you look is a beautiful scene. Some of my favorite shots are from the little pond at the edge of town.

It was just so quiet and peaceful…

I particularly loved the diving ducks…

There were lots of ducks and geese (and goslings)…

The trail next to the pond looked like a perfect place for dry mushing the dogs…

We may take the pups back up in February for their winter festival, depending on the weather and cost of gas, etc.

As it is, we are staying closer to home to run them because between the price of dog food and fuel, it’s getting ridiculously expensive to even have a recreational sled dog team! Of course they’re worth every penny, but still.

We may have to put them to work soon to help earn their keep! 😄

4 thoughts on “Our Montana Trip: Reflecting

  1. I like all of these pictures but the last one especially. I love the mystery of wanting to find out what’s around the corner or over the hill of a narrow path or road. In Japan, they always make their paths similarly so that you can lose the demons that are following you. Apparently demons don’t like curvy paths or maybe they are drunk when they are following humans in such a way. I can’t quite remember. 🙂

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