Our Montana Roadtrip: Several Swans a Swimming

Before I get into this post, please say a quick prayer for everyone affected by the flooding in and around Yellowstone. We are far enough away to not be affected, but we drove home in the rain that caused it and it is just awful to see how bad it is. 😥

Speaking of the drive back, along the way we stopped to watch the swans nesting in Island Park, which is not too far from home. It’s where we love to run our sled dogs so if you’ve been reading this blog long you’ve probably seen photos of that area in winter. It’s beautiful in summer, too!

The trumpeter swans haven’t been by the house in quite some time after doing daily fly-bys for a few months, which you may also have seen me post about, so I was happy to see they are still around.

They’re just busy with baby making, apparently. 🙂

This one had built a little island nest in the middle of the pond and she looked so regal sitting up on it while her mate patrolled the water nearby…

He made sure to let me know not to get too close, or else!

I’ve never been attacked by a swan, but I’m pretty sure it’s not something I’d find all that pleasant so I kept a respectful distance and used the camera’s zoom to get these shots.

It was such a fairy tale looking scene and I could have stayed all day there watching the swans but we had to get home because the rain was really starting to come down by that point.

We had no idea that our near perfect weekend would end like this!

In my next post I’ll share what we got up to while we were in Virginia City. There were quite a few pleasant surprises!

To be continued…

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