Our Montana Roadtrip: Misty Mountain Morning

Our recent jaunt up the winding mountain road into Montana territory and back was nothing less than magical so over the next few days I’ll be posting all about our trip and sharing loads of photos from along the way.

We went for the Irish Festival in Virginia City and only meant to stay one night but ended up staying longer because we were having such a great time. Since our sled dogs were in such good hands we didn’t feel too awfully guilty about escaping a couple hours away without them, deep into our “backyard”, for a long weekend.

Well, I did, but the hubs had pretty much zero remorse. 😄

Along the way met the nicest people and we saw so many beautiful things. I tried to photograph as many as I could, like these pronghorn that seemed happy to stop and pose for me as we passed by…

And these beautiful wildflowers that carpeted the dozens of mountain meadows for almost the entire way…

I did miss a few things, though, like the enormous fox that popped out and ran right in front of us. He was so lovely (and lucky not to get hit) but was there and gone so quickly I didn’t have time to snap a picture.

I did, however, get quite a few of this young bull moose…

We could see him a ways ahead so we slowed down and pulled over to get some shots of him and to give him plenty of time and space to cross, which he did, right in front of us…

It was just one of many memorable things about our trip which I’ll share over the next week or so, so please come back and in the meantime, I’m going to be resting up because I am completely knackered after all the fun we had! 🙂

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