Stillen Frühlingsmorgen (Quiet Spring Morning)

I’m taking the day off from garden chores to just relax and watch the birds and study my German while I enjoy the morning and admire the fruits of my labor thusfar. Which isn’t much, granted, but it’s still early in the season here!

The birds have been keeping me entertained out here…

The lilacs are still in bloom and there is still dew on the grass…

I fed the chickens right away when I came out so all I hear are the sing-song sounds of the wild birds (rather than Fred crowing and the hens fussing) and the distant sound of hammering. They must be building more houses nearby. 😣

It is nice to not fuss over weeding and pruning and pretty much do a whole lot of nothing for a day. I’m not even going to bother to brush on the pups even though they still need it because they, too, seem perfectly contented to be taking it easy today…

Well, all except Lola who watched me collect eggs a minute ago and is about to interrupt this quiet, peaceful, spring morning to incite a group howl if I don’t share with her soon…

I am telling ya, these huskies don’t miss a thing! 😄

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