Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground

Since sunrise is happening now at such an early hour I’m sleeping through it, but that’s okay, I’m usually still awake for sunset. Last night’s wasn’t the best one I’ve seen, but it was still pretty amazing, nonetheless…

I imagine the views were even better for whoever was flying in this plane over the house…

I used to want to take a hot air balloon ride over the Tetons but the older I get the less appealing that sounds. I would, however, love to do a flight over to Jackson airport at least once just to see the view from above.

The only thing holding me back is I have a terrible fear of heights which is why we’ve never really flown anywhere. Not that we mind, because we’re happy staying right here with our sled dogs or driving Gunther around our “backyard”, but still. I probably should work on my fear of flying.

This thought led to me thinking hey, maybe we can fly over to Jackson for the 4th of July! It shouldn’t take long and surely can’t cost much since it’s just over an hour away by car, right?

Then I did a quick search for flights and…




The more I think of it, I think I’m happy to just keep my feet on the ground! 🙂

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