Adventures in Gardening: Weeding & Feeding

The thunder that’s been promised finally came last night just after midnight. It shook the house and rattled everyone’s nerves but it also brought a nice bit of rain which meant all I really had to do this morning was pull weeds.

While I was out there I noticed the sparrows seem very interested in the new bird house, even though it’s not really for them but for wrens and chickadees.

I stayed out a bit longer than I probably should have and will be paying for it the rest of the day, but pulling weeds is cathartic, to me at least. As someone who has little to no control over how my body reacts to various things (including weeds, ironically!) I can at least control something in this world.

Well, sort of. There’s simply no way I can get them all but that’s okay. I get the important ones.

Along with the weeds, there are random sunflowers popping up in the newly planted beds, too, and I’m hesitant to pull them because I do so love sunflowers!

Some are in rather inconvenient spots like right in the middle of the beans…

I have to be careful and wear my gloves or risk going off into degranulation station, also known as a mast cell attack, when pulling weeds, but that’s fine. Who pulls weeds with their bare hands anyway (besides my husband that is?). ๐Ÿ˜„

I worked on the potato beds this morning and got a fair bit of the weeds threatening to drown out the newly sprouting spuds but had to stop when I began to feel my mast cells rebel…

If I ignore the early warning signs then I can end up laid out for days, struggling to function, and we can’t have that!

I’ve been contemplating making a “weed tea” to use as liquid fertilizer after watching a few videos on that, but I already have so many other things I’m doing and such limited energy to expend that I don’t think I need another thing to add to the list.

I have to be realistic about what I can do and what I can’t do so for me, it’s much easier to just toss the weeds into the compost pile or share them with the chickens.

Although they aren’t as impressed with weeds as they are with kitchen scraps. ๐Ÿคจ

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