Not a Moment to Waste!

Today was a very full day here at the little homestead! The pups got brushed and we ran their crazies out before the rain started up in the afternoon. Happy pups equals a happy homestead.

It’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow again because, you know, it’s the weekend again and that’s what it does here for some reason. 🤨

Everything is coming right along in the gardens, which is a relief because we have such a short growing season that there isn’t much wiggle room for seeds that fail to sprout or seedlings that sprout but just simply fail.

Knock on wood, all my seeds have done well. The only thing I’ve had issues with so far is I haven’t been able to get the wisteria in the ground yet and my elderberry bushes aren’t planted yet, either. But both are thriving…

Only one of the elderberries has done well out of three I bought from Stark Bros, and that just isn’t good because you have to have at least two different varieties to get berries. So I’m going to have to find a different source for those.

All the lettuce is coming in…

But I got a bit carried away with seeding the red lettuce apparently…

I may have to thin some of those out if they get too crowded. 😄

The corn is looking very good…

We more than doubled the amount we planted last year.

The potatoes are sprouting up nicely, too…

That’s one of the Yukon gold seed potatoes we bought from the local nursery, while this is one of the russets I sprouted from the grocery store…

We always have good luck with the russets so I’ll keep planting them since they’re cheaper than the seed potatoes. By about half actually!

I know it seems silly to plant potatoes when we live in Idaho but it’s not like we get them for free just because our state is famous for potatoes (I wish!).

I found this random ivy sprouting in the wildflower beds and decided to make it a little bamboo teepee to climb up on. It didn’t take long for it to attach itself…

It happened in no time, like less than an hour!

Hopefully tomorrow we can rest up and let the rain take care of the watering again. I have a ton of inside projects I’ve been neglecting and we still need to set up our incubator and brooder so I can start collecting eggs to hatch out.

We’ve got people waiting on chicks for sale so I figure I better help these hens out just in case! 😄

3 thoughts on “Not a Moment to Waste!

      1. It could be they’ve got their own varieties better suited to northern climates?? We try to grow specially hybridized varieties of apples and cherries meant for the south, though we have yet to have any success with them.


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