Some People

I’ve been hesitant to post more pictures from our “backyard” here, mostly because I hate to rub it in that just up the road from us is literal paradise. That is if you like pristine, alpine forests and mountain views that seem to be pulled right out of a Bob Ross painting.

I mean, I guess to some people out there this looks like absolute hell on earth. But let’s be honest, some people are strange! 😄

Maybe they prefer the desert or the beach or the swamp to this…

Or, for some reason they prefer the city (gasp!) over this…

Maybe, just maybe, they don’t like the idea of breathing in clean mountain air or being able to see every single star in the universe on a clear night. Maybe they prefer the sounds of traffic and breathing in smog to the sounds of elk bugling and the scent of pine trees after a spring rain.

Maybe they prefer to be eaten by an alligator rather than being eaten by a grizzly bear, I don’t know. I can’t figure some people out. 🤔

Whatever their reasoning, I just know I’d hate to traumatize these folks with pictures like these…

If you’re one of “those” people, I do apologize…

But for the rest of you, I just thought I’d let you know that this place is for sale right now for the low, low price of just over a million bucks!

We’d buy it but we’re saving our extra millions to put in the gas tank… 😣

8 thoughts on “Some People

  1. You literally live in my dream world. I lived in the Smokey Mountains for 6 years and it wasn’t long enough. Now we are by the beach and while it’s nice at times, I miss my mountains terribly.

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  2. Gorgeous! And I don’t mind living vicariously through you at all, quite the pleasure! My own little neck of the woods can’t compare in most ways, and that’s ok. But did you know I can walk my whole property naked and no one but Hubby would ever see me?! It’s really fun. ;). And it came at the low, low price of just $4,000 an acre. Keep flaunting your gifts there darlin’, we love it! (And don’t be afraid to whine either, we all do it.) 😆😏

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