Adventures in Gardening: Peas, Bees & More of These Please!

I try not to complain too much here because I know we all have our challenges and life is difficult for most of us in one way or another, especially these last couple of years.


Believe me, I could fill pages bitching about everything wrong with the world (and with my whacked out immune system) but I’m trying to stay positive and focus on the good stuff!

Like these gorgeous lilacs that are still in bloom…

I clipped a bunch of them for bouquets and also some to dry out to use in my soap making…

That was after I planted the rest of the onions and pumpkin seedlings and used some bamboo sticks and twine to make a trellis for my growing pea plants…

Just before that I spotted this beautiful red tailed hawk circling above my chicken run…

He didn’t seem too worried about my girls, though, and seemed to be hunting mice in the nearby fields.

Which was nice of him and left me with more time to admire these lovely, lovely lilacs…

I can’t get over how beautiful they are this year!

There are so many bees that I should probably be scared to get too close since I’m deathly allergic but they don’t seem to mind me at all.

They are just such a nice distraction from all the bad stuff going on. It seems things are going from bad to worse, too.


But I won’t get into all that.

I hope you’re having a wonderful Friday! 🥰

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