Nothing Better To Do

“Don’t you have anything better to do?” my mother would often ask as I followed her from room to room asking one too many questions. I am sure it was annoying but I couldn’t help it! I was a curious child and I’m still curious as an adult, always wanting to learn more. Especially about the natural world.

My natural curiosity makes me an observer. I love to see the sun rise and set and I notice everything in between, like the way the colors change on the dahlias…

I often get distracted by things like these beautiful yellow bellied western kingbirds who have arrived en masse over the last few days.

There are so many of them darting around out there! They are fly catchers, which is fine by me and their official name is Tyrannus verticalis, which is rather funny I think.

Yes, I looked them up, because obviously I have nothing better to do! 😄

I’m glad they aren’t here to catch the bees because we need as many of those as we can get. The lilacs are just brimming with them, though…

We were actually looking into getting a bee hive this year and came across an interesting documentary called “Bee extinction: Why we’re saving the wrong bees” which really piqued my curiosity…

It made us want to do more research on bee keeping before we invest time and money into that endeavor. Luckily we already bring in a ton of honey and other bees here just with the way we’re gardening.

And lucky for them they are generally out of reach of Juno who, for some unknown reason, just loves to catch them…

Silly girl.

Honestly. Doesn’t she have anything better to do? 😆

One thought on “Nothing Better To Do

  1. I’ve heard a bit on this issue of honeybees and native bees. I think this is an issue of dense human populations, actually. Honeybees are kind of like squirrels or deer or pigeons, they gravitate toward areas of humans because there is a lot of extra, very easy food for them. In very rural areas like we are in we have loads of native/solitary bees, usually on different types flowers, with just a little cross-over.

    I haven’t watched that particular video yet, but seen it shared quite a bit. I’ll take a look, thanks for the reminder! But I go in with skepticism for sure, because there seems to be a lot of propaganda coming out of Britain and the EU on how the entire world works, according to their very limited scope of ‘science’, which is actually Scientism, and a ‘new’ religion.

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