Fabulous Fred

There have been many fabulous Freds over the years. Fred Astaire, Fred Flintstone, Fred Rogers and of course Freddie Mercury (I’m showing my age here, aren’t I?) to name a few.

My favorite of them all, though, is my very own Fred.

He really is just the handsomest Fred ever.

He’s super nice, too.

And very protective of his girls…

And he is very clever!

He’s been crowing at 5am nearly every single morning and doesn’t always cooperate when we try to get him into the soundproof coop at night.

In fact, he now seems to know that’s our plan so he disappears from sight right around sundown as if he knows we’ll give up looking and let him sleep in the other, no so soundproof coop so he can cock-a-doodle-do first thing in the morning!

The coop that amplifies his crowing because of how it’s built.

Like a loudspeaker, in fact.


Friggin’ Fred.

He’s just lucky he’s got a job to do around here or Fabulous Fred would become Freezer Fred! 🤨

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