Lilac Lovers Unite!

Not only is lilac my favorite color, it’s one of my favorite flowers and it just so happens to be that time of year when the lilacs are in full bloom so forgive me if I keep posting pictures of them and talking about them. I can’t help it! I just love them so much.

Just about everyone in our part of the country has a lilac bush it seems and as someone who is allergic to so many things thanks to my mastocytosis, I feel quite lucky that lilacs are on my “safe” list!

When we moved here there were three well established lilac bushes and over the years we’ve propagated them into nine now (so far – we plan on doing many more) which are scattered all around the property, starting at near the front door…

Which just so happens to be under the window I feed the birds at so when I open it each morning to fill their feeder the smell of lilac greets me.

Ahhh… 🥰

The original ones are just around the corner by the garden…

And we put a couple back by the poultry pens…

And added some more over by the original three…

So pretty much the entire time I’m out there I am blessed with the lovely scent of lilacs in bloom, at least for a couple more weeks.

Each one seems to be a slightly different shade of purple, which I love and I also love the fact that they are safe for the dogs and chickens (not that I’ve seen them eat them). They are even safe for human consumption and some people make lilac wine, syrup, cookies and other edibles with the blossoms.

Now I don’t know if I’d go that far with them, but I do plan on making some handmade lilac soap soon and of course I’ll post all about it here when I do.

How about you? Do you love lilacs, too?

7 thoughts on “Lilac Lovers Unite!

  1. Lilacs are among my favourites – unfortunately I can’t grow them in my garden. The climatic conditions do not suit them. I grew them in other places I have lived, and so enjoyed their flowers and perfume.

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  2. I too love lilacs, both the white and the mauve. My parents had both in their garden, but alas here in my new garden I have none. Though I am waiting for their blossom to collect and forage to make lilac sugar. I’ve not made the sugar before and wonder whether to keep the white and the mauve separate? Do tell…


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