Guilt Tripping

With the weather being so uncooperative we haven’t been able to get out much on the days the hubs has off and since I’m still not able to drive myself anywhere the only trips I’ve been taking lately are guilt trips.

It happens every time I accidentally use the front door and scare the momma robin off her nest. And when I go out to visit with the pups who are still blowing their coats out and aren’t allowed back in the house just yet. They are soo good at making me feel guilty!

Especially Odie. He is a master guilt tripper. 😄

He just can’t understand why I don’t want a house full of wet floof!

So I go out several times a day to brush them and give them fresh eggs and cookies and tell them I really do still love them despite the rumors going around the kennels that I don’t. I’m pretty sure Odie is the one who started that rumor.

The pups aren’t the only ones who want my attention. Fred seems to really love me and follows me around like a puppy dog, taking treats from my hand and hanging out with me whenever I’m out there.

Two of his girls are sitting on clutches again so hopefully we’ll have chicks soon. I felt a bit badly that I had to take their eggs last time but they’d been sitting on them for over a month and they just weren’t hatching so hopefully they will have better luck this time.

It’s that time of year when every day brings with it something new it seems. Seeds are sprouting in every direction and new birds who are just passing through are showing up at the feeders.

Our resident robins, sparrows and finches are still ever present as are the collared doves, starlings and hawks. The starlings keep trying to build a new nest in the engine compartment of the truck so we have to check it daily, which again, makes me feel a bit guilty but we can’t let them use our truck to raise their children.

It’s just not convenient. 😄

Speaking of birds, some of the quail managed to make their way into the pheasant pen and at first I wasn’t sure that would be a good idea but they all seem to be getting along just fine together.

I found where they had gotten in and fixed it so no more could move in on the pheasant so now of course they all want in there, too. I gave up trying to catch or run the ones who had already gotten over there back into the quail pen so I guess they’ll just have to make it work.

I don’t feel guilty about leaving them there because eventually they’ll all be on the dinner table so…


No guilt there! 😊

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