A Break in the Rain

We didn’t get solid rain as predicted yesterday which gave me a chance to go out and thoroughly check on everything without getting drenched myself. I’m not allergic to the rain (well maybe I am, depending on what the heck they’ve been spraying up there in the sky!) but I’m not a fan of getting wet unnecessarily.

I always worry about the garden beds when they’re freshly planted and it rains heavily because I don’t want all the fertilizer to get washed out or for the seedlings to get drowned!

The rain is great for the already established trees and shrubs and plants like the lilacs…

And the crab apples…

Even the asparagus is established enough to handle a bit of weather…

My seedlings have been coming along so well and are still vulnerable so losing them would be devastating, especially since we have such a short growing season here.

Some of them are so little, like the wild garlic, that heavy rain could wipe them right out. All was well when I went to check on them, though, much to my relief.

Today we’re supposed to get more thunderstorms and heavy rain, though, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything holds up. At least it’s still early enough that in a worse case scenario I have time to replant and still get a harvest, but time is running short for that.

We have 124 days until our first predicted fall frost so time is of the essence here!

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