And the Thunder Rolls

We had a small thunderstorm move through last night and are in for a weekend of rain, apparently, like millions of others across the country. So we’ll be spending the next few days hunkered down listening to the sounds of nature watering the gardens for us.

The pups are still mostly relegated to staying outside while they finish blowing out their coats but the rain doesn’t bother them at all. They enjoy mud wrestling with each other and have their nice, dry kennels and straw-filled barrels to get out of it if they so choose.

They usually choose to play in the rain, though. 😆

The momma robin is tucked nicely out of the rain on her nest. She’s been sitting full time on her eggs now so we’re doing our best to give her space, although it’s not easy since she is two feet from the front door and it’s hard to remember not to use it!

Yesterday after weeding and mucking out the dog pens I did a bit of bird watching in the yard and was happy to spot the first warbler of the year…

They are adorable little birds and sometimes hard to spot because they hide deep in the viburnum.

I can always tell it’s them by their telltale song, though.

Hopefully they’ll stick around and sing for me when the sun comes back next week.

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