A Day in the Life: All This Before Lunch!

Whew, it’s been a productive morning! I was able to get a lot done before coming back inside to take a break for lunch and to rest up before I head back out to do some more weeding.

I love that it’s still cool enough out there to be outside most of the day. As the temperatures go up I’ll be forced to limit myself to just mornings and evenings in order to keep my immune system happy(ish) so I’m taking advantage of these cooler days as much as possible.

I do have to pace myself though or I’ll pay for it. 😣

I planted a row of zucchini, some more carrots and marigolds and I got all of the tomato plants in…

I prepped their beds with this organic fertilizer for tomatoes first…

Hopefully they’ll appreciate it!

The lilacs are just starting to bloom and makes the garden area smell soo wonderful, which makes me want to stay out there. They also bring in the bees and wasps which make me want to run inside and hide, though. 😄

The late blooming tulips are all just beginning to open and I’m so happy with them!

By the time they’re finished the day lilies and irises should just about be ready to take over. I definitely need more bulbs everywhere; they are great.

After I came in and ate I sat down in my food prep room and canned up a few boxes of these Idaho mashed potato flakes I bought as backups for our potatoes we’re growing. One box fits perfectly into a quart jar and a pint jar.

I wanted them just in case our crop fails (I hate to even type those words!). Still, it is a possibility and I figure these are great for emergencies and they’ve put all the work into them for me.

I’m not crazy about the added ingredients but they don’t seem to bother my wonky mast cells so in a pinch I can eat them. I’d prefer to have our own organic dehydrated potatoes, of course, but you never know and since these were on sale, I grabbed enough to can and vacuum seal about six months’ worth for the two of us. That way they’ll last even longer than their estimated shelf life in the box.

As for me? If I don’t rest up I’ll expire way sooner than these potato flakes! 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: All This Before Lunch!

  1. Oh dear, you need to work on your (song) titles. This one should have been “A Hard Day’s Night”!
    Anyway, you’re (still) way ahead of me. I’m hoping to get my garden planted by the weekend. It’s just been too cold here in ND. That and the real farm work is finally ramping up.

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