Adventures in Gardening: Planting Wildflowers Everywhere (literally)

I love using wildflowers as filler wherever I can and this year I’m adding more than ever, hoping to get even more of that cottage garden look I love so much. I put them everywhere. In between the tulips and irises. Under the trees. On the edges of the poultry pens. In the chicken pasture.

If there’s a blank spot where I can throw some dirt? They’re going in!

They do really well here and help to choke out the weeds, which is always welcome!

Today I planted a ton of shade loving wildflower seed in the flowerbed in the antique spreader since it’s on the shady side of the house. They look so pretty in there so I try to remember to put them in every year because being in a raised bed like that they don’t tend to come back on their own.

Well, except this one. It has come back every year for three years now!

I have no clue what it is but I almost wish it would die off so I can fill the tub all the way up with fresh dirt! Instead I just have to add a couple inches and work around it as best I can.

I figure if it’s so intent on returning, I owe it to it just to let it do its thing… 😄

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