Any Way the Wind Blows (Doesn’t Really Matter)

It feels like the wind is never going to end, but I have to remind myself that this is normal for southeast Idaho in spring. I’ve been complaining about it since we moved here fifteen years ago and it’s been happening long before we came and will continue long after we’re gone.

So we just have to go with the flow, or any way the wind blows, or whatever other cliche fits. 🙂

Yesterday I figured out why we’re getting tons of chicken, pheasant and duck eggs but zero quail…

I noticed that the collared doves have been spending an awful lot of time around the coops, which is unusual for them. They don’t really hang out in that area until recently, and I finally caught them stealing quail eggs yesterday! They can squeeze in through an hole in the netting above, which we fixed, but they are so determined I’m sure they’ll find another way in before long.

Little boogers.

Last year they were stealing the robin’s eggs from the nest outside the upstairs bay window, to the point the robin left the nest completely and moved on!

The wind wasn’t too bad yesterday so we did some weeding in the flower beds…

And some rototilling in the garden beds. Well, right up until the carburetor went kaput on the rototiller half way through the pumpkin bed. So that’s frustrating.

I’ve been trying to harden off seedlings and my wisteria every day but the wind isn’t making it easy.

It blew the wisteria down so I had to quickly save it. It seems okay today thank goodness!

I put it in the greenhouse with a few other things to see how they do out there. With the door open it’s staying in the low 70s and the wind does help strengthen them, as long as it isn’t hitting them directly and killing them.

That old saying, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger fits here, I suppose. 😂

Whenever I get frustrated with the weather here I remember it could be much worse. I could be in the hot, humid swampland down south or in the tornado belt or in the middle of wildfires and earthquakes out west or… 😣

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