Stormy Weather

I hope everyone who celebrates it had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday! We had quite the rollercoaster here, starting out with a gorgeous sunrise followed by beautiful blue skies and near perfect spring weather.

I almost thought we could have an afternoon picnic outside because it seemed like it was going to be SUCH a lovely day.

Then I remembered that I was making a pot roast and that isn’t exactly picnic food! šŸ˜„

Soon the wind kicked up and the storm clouds rolled in, which admittedly did make for a beautiful scene at sundown…

In between, though, we did have a nice day and celebrated motherhood here at our homestead with our kids, including all the pups who consider me their mommy, too!

Now that I have the shirt, it’s official. šŸ˜‰

The pot roast came out perfect and we ate it with some home made bread and watched our favorite movies while the wind howled and the rain came and went.

Oh, and I did get my annual muffins for Mom, made by my sweetheart of a son.

Between you and me, I think his were even better than mine!

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