Now We’re Cookin’! Strawberry Muffins for Mother’s Day

My middle son always makes me muffins for Mother’s Day. It’s been a tradition since he was in kindergarten and they made them for us as a class (well, they didn’t bake them, they just put together the jars with the ingredients and sent them home as Mother’s Day gifts).

So when he came over last night and saw that I was busy making strawberry muffins he was a bit confused. I assured him that I only made them to use up some older flour and baking powder before they go bad and that they’re nowhere as good as his. 😄

It may have been an inadvertent lie, though. I tried a new recipe I found over at Once Upon a Chef and it turned out so yummy!

Because of my mast cell disease I have to change up just about every recipe so I substituted butter with light olive oil and I used my homemade almond milk instead of regular milk. I also make my own baking powder using a 2:1 ratio of cream of tartar with baking soda. Oh, and I also omitted the almond extract and the fancy sugar since I didn’t have either of those. Otherwise I’d have used both.

Still, despite all that, they came out pretty much perfect…

My husband and son agreed and we all voted to put this one in the family recipe book…

We also agreed they’ll be gone before tomorrow morning so he is welcome to make his own muffins for Mother’s Day! 😊

He’s also welcome to come over and help me plant these strawberry plants on Sunday if it doesn’t rain.

They are getting big and one of them already has a strawberry on it!

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