Blowing in the Wind

The wind howled all through the night and is still holding steady at 23mph with 50mph gusts, making any outdoor work we want to get done this weekend miserable. It’s no fun to mush in either, so the pups will just have to entertain themselves until this is all over.

Most of them are banished to outside until they’ve finished blowing their coats out and days like today are perfect for helping the process along. We are taking turns going out and brushing them out because the wind carries their fur off into the distant fields. I figure the birds and mice appreciate using it to fluff their nests with. 😄

Tonka has qualified to be an inside pup now that his coat is mostly smooth again, so he’s lapping up the special status he has. I put new curtains up in our favorite bird watching window and they’ve all been extra careful around them, to their credit.

I had taken them down mostly because of my allergies (curtains are pollen and dust traps!) and also because with so many younger pups in the house they were just getting thrashed. Now that they’re mostly all older and much better behaved I am slowly adding some back here and there in the areas where I had removed them. Except I’m opting for light, airy curtains to help bring in the light and that won’t hold so much of the dust and pollen.

Speaking of light, I also added some extra grow lights to the little make-shift green house in my dining room.

I put two grow bulbs in the overhead light that hangs over the table all the plants are on and I also had this clamp-mounted grow light I use for seedlings to give even more of a boost.

They all seem to appreciate the extra lighting and everything is doing really well, except for my white pumpkins. We planted those last week and not one has sprouted! The black pumpkins and the sugar pumpkins all have but not one single white one. So that’s disappointing. 😞

There’s still time to order more seeds for that though, so I’ll probably do that today from a different company.

Speaking of seeds, I was going to refill all the bird feeders this morning but… well…

I don’t think I want to deal with that right now. The wind just makes even the smallest tasks seem insurmountable!

I did crack the window next to all my outdoor plants just a tiny bit though because the little bit of breeze that blows in on the plants makes them stronger…

I want to give them the best chance I can possibly give them when it comes time to transplant.

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