Running Out of Room

We woke up to a bit of snow, which isn’t all that surprising for our area but I was glad I didn’t leave anything in the little greenhouse overnight. Something told me it probably wasn’t a good idea just yet since we still don’t have heat in there. Hopefully this weekend we’ll get that sorted.

Until then, my little dining room has become the makeshift greenhouse, which is fine because we don’t really sit at that table to eat often and it’s more decorative than anything. The problem is, it doesn’t hold much so I am running out of room! 😄

My strawberry plants came yesterday and took up what little space I had left…

I am having really good luck with sprouting seeds and keeping everything alive so far this year (except the geraniums – not one single seed came up of those). Oh, and the one elderberry tree that didn’t do anything so I’ll have to contact Stark Bros and let them know. Hopefully they’ll send me a replacement.

The ironic thing is, just out the window there, we have tons of space outside in the area we are turning into raised garden beds.

We have about 1/4 of our acre dedicated to growing food and raising poultry while another 1/4 is for the dogs and the rest is all lawn, flowers and places to park the boat, camper, etc.

I’ve really been torn the last couple of years because I love my expansive lawns out front; they are absolutely beautiful in the summertime, but they do take a lot of water and upkeep and I’m starting to feel a bit guilty about having all this grass growing while Idaho is in a drought.

Especially when you can’t eat it!

Well, we can’t.

This year we’re doing three batches of the cornish cross, spaced out a few weeks in between each order so we can really pack out our freezers. The first ones won’t be here until the end of June so we’re thinking of building a chicken tractor to put them in so we can move them around the lawn since we don’t use any chemical fertilizers on it anymore.

We briefly talked about getting a milk goat but we just don’t have the space to keep a goat nor do we want to pay to feed it over winter with the prices of hay being so high and getting higher.

Plus, goats and sled dogs? They really don’t mix well… 😄

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