Restoring My Faith

Yesterday was not a good day. Whatever it is that trips my trigger this time of year was working overtime so I spent most of my day fighting the urge to put myself into a Benadryl coma and stay in bed until next winter.

Of course I had to push through, so I did, and I actually managed to get quite a bit done despite feeling poorly. The peas and carrots got planted, the dog pens got cleaned and the mountain of eggs the broody hens were sitting on got cleared out so they can start over again. They weren’t too happy about it and neither was Fred, but it had to be done.

In between all that, I did stop a few times to rest and watch a few gardening videos as well as the local webcams.

It’s the best reality TV I have ever found! πŸ˜„

The sunrise over in Alpine was gorgeous, as always…

The snow has mostly melted everywhere except high up in the Tetons and, like down here in our little valley just on the other side of the mountains there, the trees are juuust beginning to fill in…

As the sun was setting the elk were moving through so I watched them for the longest time, wishing we were up there in person…

Even though we’re just an hour away, it feels like a million miles from here on days when I’m sick and just making it to the mailbox and back is a monumental achievement.

Still, I know it will pass and the hubs promises that soon we’ll be driving up the windy, mountain road again to watch the sun set view in person…

I honestly am so grateful that these local cameras exist because they really do help restore my faith that no matter how bad things get, the sun will rise and set over my beloved Tetons again tomorrow and hopefully I’ll feel better than I did yesterday.

As for today?

We’ll see. It’s still too early to tell! πŸ™‚

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