In Good Company

Now that things are back to normal after the busy holiday weekend, I am able to settle back into my quiet routine and that means spending the mornings drinking my coffee and bird watching with the pups.

We’ve had a few new visitors to the feeders who I don’t recall ever seeing before, namely this little white capped sparrow…

He let me take tons of photos of him and didn’t seem at all bothered by my standing inches away from him to do it. Which is surprising since the house sparrows are a bit more shy still and fly off to the tree when I get too close…

Last year, we had doves nesting right outside the bird watching window right there in plain view in the pine tree. I noticed they’re back but it doesn’t look like they’re using the same nest, which is still there from last year…

It’s still pretty neat to have a front seat view to all the goings on out there.

Today I’ll be up potting my nasturtiums which are getting a bit too tall for their little seedling pots now…

They’ll be going out to the greenhouse after that but I’ll kinda miss them keeping me company in the dining room.

My experiment in regrowing food from the refrigerator is going well…

The lettuce in particular is really shooting right up there! To think of all the free food I’ve been missing out on all these years! 😆

Speaking of food, the robins are getting impatient waiting for me to dig in the dirt and help them find juicy worms…

But the weather has just not been cooperative and I don’t feel like getting blown into the next county in an attempt to do some yard work. I will have to go out to plant my carrots and onions soon, though, so hopefully the wind will die down and the sun will come out for me to do that in a few days.

Fingers crossed…

2 thoughts on “In Good Company

  1. Now that your celery is sprouting you can pull off all the stalks on the outside and that will help it grow more roots before you put it in the dirt. The lettuces can often be divided into multiples if your stalk is big enough. Aren’t plants amazing?! 🙂

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