Don’t Throw That Away!

I’ve starting my spring cleaning this week, since I really don’t have anything to do outside until it warms back up a bit. Typically, I would just fill up a garbage bag or three with excess junk around the house that I just don’t feel is worth my time to try and sell or that is just, well, junk.

I have to say here, for just two people, and with me being a bit of a minimalist by nature, we somehow manage to manifest an abundance of junk every year!

So I started in the bathroom, which, as you can see is really tiny.

Our whole house is tiny, like a doll house really. Which works out well since I am too sick to take care of anything much bigger.

I added a new ruffle curtain (which needs to be ironed when I find the energy for that later!) and vacuumed the walls a ceilings to get all those nasty ole cobwebs I’ve neglected over the winter.

I sucked up a baby hobo spider at one point, another thing that shows up this time of year and wants to murder me! 😫

As I was sorting through the bathroom closet, I came across sooo many things that in the past would have went right into the “don’t want it, don’t need it, why the heck do I even still have this since I’m allergic to it anyway now?” pile.

But this year, I am hesitant to throw anything out. Well, except stuff that I know I can’t use unless I want to break out in itchy hives and a burning, red rash.

Which is pretty much everything. 😆

Seriously, I have had to cut out so many beauty and bath products it’s ridiculous. I’m almost completely make-up, hair dye and nail polish free now, though, and I only use things like Bare Essentials and the organic, hand made soap using the few essential oils and flower petals that my immune system somehow hasn’t decided to reject.

Which, by the way, I’ve been keeping the end pieces of in a little soap dish so I can melt them down and reuse them later.

Anyway, there was still a lot of junk on the top shelf that I had tucked into my little hideaway boxes up there and as I sorted through it all I could almost hear my grandma over my shoulder saying, “Chelle, honey, you better hold onto that!”.

Then I could almost hear my grandpa saying to her, “Dora, let the girl throw something away!” and then they proceed to bicker, which they loved to do. 😄

My instinct is to listen to Granny Dora and hold onto things that might not seem to be worth holding onto right now.

I found so many things I would normally just toss out, from old toothbrushes to loose Q-tips. I even found some old tea light candles and some nearly empty jars of my “safe” face powder that I probably would have just tossed but not now!

I better hang on to every candle and grain of powder I can right now…

Just in case!

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