Clearing the Cobwebs

The wind has returned with a vengeance. We are under a severe weather warning until tomorrow at 6pm and it was the first time I’ve seen the weather service recommend we stay in our lower levels and avoid windows.

It’s probably to avoid being smashed by a tree falling in but we’re lucky in that all but the pine tree out front are far enough away that our house is pretty safe.

The wind is blowing from a direction that if the pine tree goes down it will fall away from the house anyway.

This must be similar to what folks who live in tornado or hurricane alley feel like. I admit it’s a bit scary, but we should be alright. I brought in most of the pups and the ones that I didn’t bring in are put up in their indoor kennels all safe and snug and out of the wind.

The little house sparrows are weathering the wind storm in the lilacs, and are probably waiting for me to come put some food out for them, bless their little hearts.

When I went out to put fresh straw in the inside of the dog kennels I looked up and noticed how many cobwebs have formed and was a bit shocked. I almost wish the wind could come in and blow them away, but the kennels are well insulated so I’ll have to go back later with the broom and deal with them another day.

They were still on my mind when I came back inside and I started looking up in here, too, and noticed that I have way more cobwebs than I’m comfortable with in my well insulated human kennel!

They are everywhere!

Even above my “Bless This House” sign up top there, although it’s hard to see them.

How is it that I’ve let it get this bad? I asked myself.

Probably because I’ve been hyper focused on other things. Instead of spending time cleaning, like I normally would, I’ve been learning how to can, figuring out what to grow and how much to put away for emergencies and just thinking about potentially surviving the next few years in general.

Deep cleaning just hasn’t been a priority.

Not that I haven’t regular cleaned, because every day I vacuum at least twice and if you saw how many dishes I have to do every single day since I cook most everything from scratch, you’d understand why I have little time left over for honing my prepping skills let alone anything else. 😄

Plus, I get dizzy when I lift my arms above my head for long thanks to my wonky mast cell induced dysautonomia so I have to time doing things above eye level just right. If I do it right after my medicine kicks in, I’m good. If I wait too long or attempt such things too soon, I’m likely to pass out cold and that’s no fun.

No fun at all.

Last time I passed out in the kitchen from the humidity from cooking and running the dishwasher at the same time, I felt it coming and tried to get to safety but I fell forward, stretching the tendons in my feet so bad that it took months for them to fully heal.


Still, I’m going to have to get up there and clean the cobwebs off of my kitchen light soon.

Because I won’t ask the hubs to do it for me. He has enough work to do around here picking up my slack.

I’d really love to never faint again if at all possible but the reality is, I probably will again someday. It’s why I can’t drive and probably never will again. I just can’t take that chance. I’d never forgive myself if I wrecked the car or God forbid hurt someone else because I fainted or anaphylaxed behind the wheel.

It’s also why I typically don’t bring in so many of the dogs all at once when it’s just me here….

If I fainted in front of them they’d all run over to check my pockets for cookies and would surely trample me to death! 😄

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