This Really Blows!

Down in the valley, the valley so low

Hang your head over, hear the wind blow

Flatt & Scruggs

Have I mentioned that it gets windy here in the south eastern part of Idaho? Well it does, so if you are thinking of moving here make sure you enjoy extra long winters and that you’re not too fond of patio furniture, trampolines or decorative door wreaths! 😄

I remembered to take mine down, thankfully, before it ended up flying over the Tetons.

It always seems to be worse in the spring and fall and usually comes on the weekends, too, just as the weather is either warming up or cooling down and you want to be out there working in the yard or taking the pups for a nice run with the dry land buggy.


So our plans for today have been dashed, and maybe tomorrow’s and definitely Monday’s plans when we’ll be getting even worse winds.

Last time it was windy like this a couple weeks ago it knocked over our windmill and broke it irreparably!

The base of it is still good so I am going to use it as a trellis to grow my wisteria on. As we were out there prepping for the incoming gales I laid it down in the spot I want to put it permanently just in case…

The wind doesn’t seem to bother the dogs, but it sure makes me and the chickens nervous. They all ran back to their coops when it started up so I threw them some extra straw to play in since the weather report is calling for a few days of this nonsense.

That will keep them entertained for hours.

The hubs is keeping himself busy organizing his garage and I am going to spend the afternoon baking and working on my cross stitch that only has about a thousand hours of stitching left on it. I may have to turn something really loud on the TV to try and drown out the sound of the wind howling because it makes me nervous!

Did I mention that already? 😏

Hopefully we’ll have a homestead left when it all settles down…

6 thoughts on “This Really Blows!

    1. That happens so often here. When we planted the pine tree out front I was a bit worried but it’s in a sheltered spot and hopefully if it did ever blow over it would go toward the yard and not into our house. The wind almost always blows from the southwest here.

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      1. Not that far away in NC. My house pretty much sits in the woods so yeah, when the wind blows I’m watching trees. Hugo back in 1989 took down 13 around the house. The amazing blessing, was that none hit the house. But, the memory of that night is there and when the wind blows, I’m watching.

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      2. Oaks are so beautiful, well, when they stay where they’re planted and not falling into houses! When we lived in Washington state we had a hill behind our house and I was so afraid of a landslide since they happen a lot there.


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