Yakkity Yak

Hear me out here. Or at least do me a huge favor and don’t rudely dismiss my idea like my hubby did before I could even formulate the entire thing let alone communicate it to him! He shut me down without even bothering to see the brilliance of my plan.

I suppose it’s understandable since I was proposing getting rid of the sled dog team and replacing them with these lovely yaks I found on our local Craigslist.

It’s not that I don’t love my pups, because I do! But, you can get a whole starter herd of yaks for just $7500!! 😮

We spend that much in dog food every week practically!

Okay, maybe not quite that, but something close to it and the good thing about yaks vs sled dogs is, well, there’s a lot of them.

For one, you can feed them grass, which we have plenty of. Two, you can sell their fur whereas no one will buy my excess husky fur. And three, in a worst case scenario, you can eat the yaks!

Okay, so in a worst case scenario I suppose we could eat our dogs but that’s a horrible thought and yaks are supposedly delicious.

Not only that but just like our sled dogs they do well in the snow…

They can be walked on a leash and you can take them camping and swimming just like we do with our pups…

I am pretty sure they can even pull a sled!

Or at least a sleigh. Maybe a plow if we needed them to.

Of course they wouldn’t be nearly as fun as having a herd of reindeer which basically have all the same qualities I listed above AND you can race them…

So maybe I just need to find a herd of those at a reasonable price here locally… 🤔

17 thoughts on “Yakkity Yak

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  2. Oooooh, I would *love* to have yaks!!
    Cute and tasty all in one. 😉
    But for your huskys…I bet if you had a bunch of fur brushed out and advertised it as raw cheingora, you’d find buyers.
    Husky and great pyrenees are desirable fur for spinning, believe it or not!

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