A Little Help (Goes a Long Way)

There are so many things to do around here and it’s never a good idea to leave the person with the most brain fog in charge of keeping track of it all (that would unfortunately be me!). 😄

I admit that I get easily distracted, especially by things like the little robin who has returned from who-knows-where to (hopefully) build another nest nearby and to bathe in the little pond out front.

She is always out there now, somewhere in the yard or close by, and is just so cute!

Eventually my medicines kicked in and I did remember a few things I needed some help with, which my sweet, adorable, handy hubby was happy to lend a hand with in order to cross them off my list (and to get me to stop bugging him about them!).

First, the flower boxes in the second story window needed new coconut liners so he broke out his ladder and set about putting those in for me. He had a bit of an audience in the form of Tonka and Odie…

They gave him plenty of advice and then spent an hour or so watching for the birds since we decided to fill all of the newly lined flower boxes with bird seed just for fun.

Then I had to clean the window glass, again, and shoo them back outside to play.

We also, well, technically, he also, moved the bird feeding station away from my lilacs and over back next to the viburnum…

I forgot to mention to him that I needed to refill those before he moved it but that’s okay. We’ll get to that later…

Unless I forget. 😄

Finally, I stopped bugging him and recruited my helpful, handy son to help me carry in a bag of the scratch grains to the utility room so I could get started on fermenting some for the chickens (before I forget that, too!).

I am only going to start with a small amount at first, to make sure they like it (which I’m sure they will) and then move up to larger buckets that I rotate every few days in order to keep up with demand.

I am sooo grateful to Briar over at The Grazing Daisy for reminding me about fermenting chicken feed to increase nutrients and to save on cost. I’m super excited to try it out and will update next week on how my experiment with it goes.

In the meantime, please check out her blog and subscribe if you haven’t already. 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Little Help (Goes a Long Way)

      1. We just gave up making our feeders squirrel proof. We throw some seed on the ground and they seem to be happy enough. I’ll keep an eye out for the updates on the lilacs!

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