All Work, No Play

It’s been a productive day here, so far. The sun is out, the sky is blue and it’s warm enough to get out there and do some clean up around the place in preparation for the coming growing season.


Before we can really get to the garden beds, we had to do a lot of work in the flower beds first.

There’s always a short window of opportunity in the fall to clean things up out there before the snow comes and covers everything and, well, as you can see, we didn’t exactly get to it before then…

As soon as the snow melts in the spring we find ourselves bombarded with all the dead stuff from the year before which is fine, really, because there’s still plenty of time until we can plant most of our new stuff for the season.

The tulips are starting to come in already, though, so we want to get everything around them all cleaned up in preparation for them to start blooming…

We pulled the antique cart out and got it ready to start using as a potting station soon…

It was nice to find that the wall of fast growing willows we planted two years ago are not only all still alive but the entire area around them was mostly nice and clean already.

I can’t wait to see how tall they get this year!

The big dogs were fine just watching us work but the puppies couldn’t understand why we were out there all that time doing everything except playing with them! 😄

Before we took a break to come in we culled a few of the birds to put in the freezer and to share with the pack…

That made everyone happy, including me, because that means more meat in the freezer and less birds to feed.

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