Sunday Spillover: All Things Neglected

Today’s weekend spillover post includes a few photos I meant to use this week but somehow failed to. They are my “neglected orphans” so to speak.

They include this one of the squirrel who has been faithfully visiting with his or her buddy. They are out there every morning now, being all cute and squirrel like.

The day I took this I had neglected to fill the feeders so he (or she) was stripping bark off the tree and staring at me with this hungry, guilt-infused look as though to tell me if I didn’t hurry up with the good stuff they were going to eat all the trees. 😄

Next up is my neglected coffee plant whose leaves are still turning brown on the edges for no good reason!

It has great soil, adequate watering and light and is still growing new leaves regularly but no matter where I put it they eventually turn brown like this and nothing I do seems to help. I’ve looked up all the advice on growing these plants and tried it all, so it’s really not being neglected, but it looks that way.

The only thing I can think is it’s not getting enough humidity. Maybe I’ll stick it out in the greenhouse and see how it does in there? 🤔

I’ve been spending so much time fussing over it it’s ridiculous!

I’ve also been fussing over these two girls who we just couldn’t find suitable homes for. We interviewed so many people but we were afraid none were the best fit and they’d end up, for lack of a better word, neglected which we do not want!

Many of our husky rescues were neglected and the last thing we want for these beautiful puppies we adopt out is for them to end up where Lola or Coco or Rudy were – all alone and forgotten. 😥

So for now they are part of the pack and will stay here forever if we can’t find them new homes soon as rehoming them after a certain age really isn’t fair, either. We are already quite attached to these cuties and them to us (and their pack).

I named them Willow and Galena, after two of the checkpoints on the Iditarod trail. Willow has one brown eye and one blue eye…

This spring we are expanding and reworking our outdoor play yards and kennels so there will be plenty of room for two more and if we do end up keeping them it means we are one shy of having exactly enough sled dogs to run the Iditarod!

Not that we ever will, but still. 😆

We are going to take them up all the mountain today though while there’s still enough snow for the sled, so I better get ready for that.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!!

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