A Good, Lazy Day

It’s the warmest day of the year so far so you would think we’d be out there whipping things into shape in preparation for planting! We did have good intentions, and we did do a bit of cleaning up, but before long we decided it’s a good day for a lazy day and all this work can wait!

We weren’t the only ones feeling lazy today. The chickens were lounging around without a care in the world…

The ducks were, too…

When we came in, the pups were ready to take an afternoon nap with us and when I looked out the front window even the little house finches were snoozing away in the pine tree!

Or maybe that one just has his eye pecked out. It’s hard to tell. 😄

Either way, sometimes it’s good to just be lazy and for us, today is the day. Tomorrow we can get some work done.


Hope you all have a great Saturday!!

3 thoughts on “A Good, Lazy Day

      1. Julie

        Thank you, I tested positive for covid today 😱😱 thankfully just a bad head cold so fingers crossed it stays that way! X


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