It’s About Time

I was happy to see that Daylight Saving might be scrapped! That would mean I could finally have my room full of antique clocks I always wanted without having to bother with changing the time back and forth on them all.

Of course I’ll still have to remember to wind them, but still… 😄

As I was sitting at the window having my morning coffee, I was thinking about how soon I’ll be able to sit outside again and watch the birds and bees when a robin suddenly appeared. It’s the first one I’ve seen since fall!

I heard it before I saw it land at the top of one of the pine trees. I know their call so well since they love to follow me around the yard the entire time I’m out there tending to things. They especially love when I dig up the beds and pull out juicy worms for them!

I wondered where do they go during winter here?

Surely it’s somewhere south and warm.

Regardless, they are back, which signals that it’s time to start serious garden planning – not just daydreaming about it. It won’t be long before everything is in bloom again…

I won’t have much time to divide up and transplant the day lilies and shasta daisies, so I’ll have to work quickly when the time comes. Otherwise it will have to wait until fall.

It’s also time to start my flower seedlings which I’ll be doing in the house first and then moving them out into the little greenhouse. We found a small, ceramic heater I can use in there and I ordered some shade cloth for when it gets too hot later on.

In time, I hope to have it filled to the brim with flowers! Some I’ll keep and others I hope to sell.

I’ll probably continue to use my antique cart as a flower potting station until we get around to painting it to use as my flower and egg selling cart.

Last year we just never found the time and with everything going on in the world I just didn’t feel overly motivated to do much market gardening. Hopefully this time around, I’ll feel differently!

Speaking of time, it’s time for me to go brush out the pups since they are starting to blow their coats.

The wind is blowing out there in the direction of the farmer’s fields to our north today and that’s the best time for me to do it! 🙂

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