Waterfalls & Tree Puddles

While I love to spend time right here in our “backyard”, it feels like ages since we drove over to the coast and back. I found these photos of a road trip we took out to Oregon a few years ago as I was going through my gazillions of pictures in an attempt to whittle them down to just the best ones.

I almost forgot how much I love it over there! The forest is completely different than ours and in many ways far more beautiful because of all the rain and moss and waterfalls.

Sooo many waterfalls!

Multnomah is probably the most famous one and I somehow managed to not get the best pictures of it, despite taking almost a dozen of them. 😆

I did get some good ones of the trail leading up to it, though.

And this cool one of some leaves in a tree puddle…

I’m sure there’s a proper scientific name for that, but I like ‘tree puddle’.

I sure wish we could go back soon, but with the price of gas going up, up, up and the fact that we have twelve sled dogs now to take care of, it isn’t likely to happen any time soon.

But eventually we’ll make our way back over there again.

Hopefully. 🙂

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