No Time For This!

A long time ago I used to want a room full of clocks. You know, like an old antique shop or a clock maker would have? I think it was back when we got our antique clock that made me want more…

Then I realized, after owning it for a few weeks, that these sort of clocks take work to keep up with! You have to remember to wind it up every week or so or else it stops telling time.

And who has time for that?!

Well, I do, as long as it’s just one or two of them. πŸ˜†

But a whole room full? No thank you!

So now that it’s Daylight Savings time again (I can’t remember if it’s starting or ending?) I am finding myself going room to room, setting clocks ahead and being reminded of why I decided not to pursue acquiring even more of them.

I have plenty of clocks both old and new. Every room has at least one and they all need adjusting (except the ones on my computers and phone of course).

Honestly? Last time we did this I didn’t even bother to adjust some of them so a few have been off by an hour and are now telling the right time again!

I just didn’t feel like dealing with this nonsense, the same way I don’t feel like dealing with it today. I have much better things to do with my time like vacuuming husky fur now that shedding season has begun.

Of course there are the clocks I don’t have to mess with, which I appreciate. Like this one…

He can’t tell time anyway so it really doesn’t matter.

The hubby is on his own to adjust the fancy watch I bought him a couple years ago, too.

He’ll have to set the ones in the car and truck, too, because I have no idea how to do those and really couldn’t be bothered with them since I don’t drive anyway. πŸ˜„

The only clock I really want to worry about today is the one counting down the days and hours and minutes until Dallas Seavey crosses the finish line for the Iditarod.

It’s a tight race between him and Brent Sass!

Gooo Dallas!!

7 thoughts on “No Time For This!

  1. I hate daylight savings time. The ordeal makes no sense to me. I’m now going to have to figure out how to change the time on my watchβ€”what a pain. Of course, there is the option of leaving it alone until November. All I have to remember is to calculate it is off by an hour.

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