They’re Baaack!

The first grizzly bear has been sighted up by Mammoth in Yellowstone, which officially marks the beginning of spring for us. It’s time to put away the dog sled and break out the mushing buggy!

Living where we do, you never know what critters you’ll see around the bend. These forests are full of them but often they are quite elusive and you can go days without seeing little more than signs they are around.

Just up the road is Bear World where they keep a lot of different local animals safely behind fencing for the tourists (and me!) to see whenever we want. They have a TON of well fed, lazy bears…

They have a beautiful albino elk…

They even have some wolves.

We go there every few years just for fun but we do spend a lot of time up in the forest so we’ve seen just about everything over the years, from grizzly bears to black bears to wolverines to moose, elk, deer, wolves, foxes, otters, beavers, mountain goats, big horn sheep and lots and lots of buffalo.

Lots of buffalo.

Soooo many buffalo. 😆

I won’t bore you will all the buffalo pictures I have. Well, maybe this one. It’s one of my favorites!

We got a GoPro to put on the buggy so hopefully this year we’ll be able to get some good footage of what crosses our path when we’re out running the dogs. It’s hard to get good pictures when we’re out there because we’re mostly focused on mushing and definitely not stopping when we see a moose or a bear or whatever.

That would be disastrous!

So the GoPro might just capture a bit of what we see from a safe distance. Of course if it does, I’ll share it here. 🙂

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