Winter’s Last Hurrah (Hooray!)

It snowed a bit again but judging by the weather report it looks to be the last of it for a while. It may even be the last snow of winter, we’ll see.

Yesterday as I was sitting at the window watching the snow fall and waiting for her new family to come get her, the little brown eyed girl came to join me. She is such a doll!

That just leaves two now. 😥

We’ll probably have one more litter this summer, though.

Hopefully the little sparrows will be able to take a bath again in the little pond out front soon. They’ve been relegated to finding puddles that form in the afternoon…

…but I’m pretty sure they prefer a proper bathing spot.

I know I would! 😄

The robins should be returning any day now, too. They always brighten up the place and love to keep me company when I’m out working in the yard. Hopefully they’ll find a safer place to lay their eggs since it didn’t work out to well for them last year to build a nest in the flower box over the front door.

They were much more successful in the pine tree…

Just knowing that in a few weeks our place will be full of babies of all kinds again makes me so happy.

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