A Rosy Outlook

While I have been quite successful at growing a myriad of flowers here, roses have never been one of them despite my best efforts over the years. I am not sure why. I just suck at roses for some reason.

I do so love them, though, and we make sure to visit the rose garden in Spokane every time we drive through.

They have a lot of different flowers there. It’s just such a beautiful garden!

It’s totally worth the risk of certain death to visit. I just bring extra Epipens. 😄

While I can’t grow them I can, however, smell roses all day long in every room in my house right now because I made soap again recently and the rose essential oil smell is super, duper, extraordinarily STRONG.

I don’t mind, but it is a bit overwhelming. 😄

I’ve been playing with different recipes and molds in order to find the very best ones for myself and some I can hopefully sell this spring and summer. Unless of course the price of gas goes so high that no one can afford to drive by my little farmer’s market cart let alone afford hand made, organic soap!


Lucky for us I don’t (can’t) drive so while the hubby is off at work, I am saving us tons of money by staying home and trying to stay busy. I pulled out my little bunny I started making a few months ago and got frustrated with.

I will hopefully have her done by Easter…

I think I’ll make a crown of roses for her and name her Rosy. 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Rosy Outlook

  1. I hope they are all perfumed roses in that lovely garden and if so, the scent must be overwhelming. I love roses and fill my small garden with them, plus a friend makes soap and candles and I always have one of her rose oil candles burning in my hall. I just love that scent.

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  2. One ‘rosy’ staple of mine is rose water in a spritzer for refreshing splashes any time of day. So lovely! You probably already know this, but the cardinal sin of rose growing is their extreme dislike of wet feet. That’s why they do pretty good here in general, we have sandy soils. I’ve had a lot more luck with the old varieties over the new cultivars. Of course, the old ones smell much better but don’t look like the fashionable store-bought types or those getting special treatment by professionals in fancy gardens, hehe. 😁

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