Seventeen Days

When I woke up I didn’t expect to see two squirrels at the bird feeder. Apparently they didn’t expect to see me, either, because as soon as they spotted me at the window with my camera they scampered off and pretended to be gathering pine nuts a few yards away. 😄

It was the first squirrel sighting of the year for me. I was happy to see that they’d survived the winter and I’m more than happy to share the seeds and nuts and apples I put out for the birds, although I do hope they don’t get too cheeky and raid my apple trees again this year.

Last year, thanks to these two (I think), I ended up with just five apples!

I won’t mind sharing when there’s more to share. I am hoping to at least double my crop this year so I can make two apple pies this time. 😄

Speaking of doubling my crop, I hope to grow twice as much of everything this year. I’ll be starting my seedlings in the little greenhouse soon…

A lot of things will be directly sowed into the garden, some sooner than later.

My peas and carrots will be going in first. I definitely want to grow more carrots this year. I read somewhere that putting them in ice cubes is a great way to use each seed instead of planting a ton of seeds and thinning them out later. So I ordered some little mini ice cube trays for doing that.

I also ordered a couple of cases of mason jars for canning and will get more of those as well as the other canning supplies as I move further along with the gardening. I’ve never done it before so it will be a new adventure, one I’ve been looking forward to for a few years now.

Do you know what I’m NOT looking forward to?

The grizzly bears are going to be waking up soon, which means we’ll have to keep a close eye out for them when we’re out mushing. There was another moose attack on a dog sled team in the news recently, which is a bit unsettling but all of this comes with the territory.

Especially when you live in their territory!

Speaking of the team… our pups have all been coming in during the day since their pens are turning into a giant puddle while the snow melts.

They are pretty good in the house, really, and it’s fun to have them all together even if it is a bit chaotic at times. They settle down and nap for most of the day, scattered across every couch and on their doggie beds, after they get their cuddles and cookies of course!

Yesterday I let the ducks and chickens out into their pasture for the first time in weeks since it’s beginning to thaw, too. At first they weren’t sure but it didn’t take long for them to realize they were finally free again.

They had quite the adventure out there until it was time to be put back up for the night.

With spring just around the corner (just 17 days now!) I’m getting excited at all the adventures we’ll all be having here on our little homestead! 🙂

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