You Light Up My Life…

Sorry, I didn’t mean to get that song stuck in your head but since it’s been stuck in mine for a couple days now, well, you know. Misery loves company and all that! 😙

My new vintage (not antique because they cost way more than I want to spend right now!) candlestick holders came in the mail so I’ve been putting tapered candles in them and placing them here and there around the house.

I got them for decoration and for next time the power goes out.

I just love the look of them!

I also love this little oil lamp I ordered. It, too, is new vintage and not antique and I wasn’t sure if it was going to be of good quality for the price but I am pleasantly surprised.

I think I’ll get a couple more of them just to have on hand to go with my antique ones. One can never have too many oil lamps if you ask me.

I made these firefly mason jars last year, and those are great for decor and power outages…

But there’s just something about real, natural fire light that soothes the soul so I got the stuff to make mason jar oil lamps which I’ll post about soon.

Speaking of things that light up and soothe the soul, the sunset over the Tetons last night was something to behold!

I only got to see it live on the cameras but my jaw dropped a bit.

It was just… wow.

I could almost hear the choir of angels singing as it unfolded.

I wish I could have been there to see it in person but we plan to go back over the mountain soon so hopefully we’ll get an encore when we go. 🙂

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