Spring is in the Air

There seems to be a sense that spring is near, judging by everyone’s mood here. The pups woke up extra early and wanted outside (and then didn’t want to come back in!), the roosters were happily crowing away inside their coop, ready to come out to greet the day and the little house sparrows seemed extra excited when I opened the window to tell them I was getting dressed and would bring them some breakfast soon.

I woke up, however, with a dull headache and itching from head to toe. Yep, spring is coming and with the melting of the snow here the pollen and mold spores are being released which trigger my immune system badly.


It took me extra long to drag myself out of bed and by then I’d missed the best part of sunrise. I hopped on the local cameras and rewound to the best part and then looked out the window to see the fleeting remnants of ours here…

Then I closed them back up again and went back to bed for awhile. πŸ˜„

It’s a constant battle for me from not only the allergens but the longer days with extra light and also the heat. Oh my word, the heat does me in. As the temperatures rise I have to adjust my medicines and stay extra cautious about getting overheated so I don’t risk heat-induced anaphylaxis. Yesterday just being out there mucking out pens was enough to make me start sweating and it was only in the upper 30s!

By the time I came back inside I was quite done in. Today is supposed to be even warmer and the next few days even warmer than today.

As much as I dislike the transition into spring and the effect it has on my wonky mast cells, I am more than ready for its arrival. I can’t wait to put all the cold weather gear away and watch the landscape turn green again…

I am not looking forward, however, to the next few days and weeks that will turn all the snow into mud here. It just creates so much more work for me at a time when my energy is being zapped by the increase in springtime-induced mast cell activity.

Of course the pups love it…

They can’t quite understand why I don’t enjoy cleaning up after them or playing out in the mud puddles with them.

They also don’t understand why I get up, let them out and come back to bed leaving them all alone in the backyard for a whole half hour or so past when they are ready to come back in! You would think it’s the end of the world or something!!

They are such spoiled babies…πŸ˜†

11 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air

  1. I was just taking photos this morning for a first signs of spring post. :). So love your bird photos! Unfortunately we have horrific chemtrails all over the sky, turning it from blue to ugly, pasty white. Also gives me a headache. 😦

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