Special Delivery

Old man winter has decided we need just a bit more snow so I woke up to a dusting and a few flakes coming down out there. I also woke up to find the little hawk was back, eyeing the hens and roosters who seemed completely unimpressed by him…

When I went out to feed everyone he flew off and I saw that we’d had another visitor, probably sometime overnight, and they left me a special delivery of fertilizer near the poultry pens along with some hoof prints in the snow.

I’m pretty sure it was the neighbor’s horse judging from the form the fertilizer took and also where the prints came and also the fact that he was nowhere to be seen in the pasture.

Hopefully they’ll find him soon and he’s somewhere safe.

Now I’m waiting on a delivery for a soap making kit I ordered so I can start getting together enough bars to sell on my market cart (hopefully).

I love that it comes with the little bags and “handmade” tags if I want to add those. I’ve got a few other molds, some fancier than these, so I’ll mix it up a bit and see what sells. That should keep me busy over the next few weeks until old man winter decides to head down under and make his special delivery of snow there.

By the way.. did you know it snows in Australia?! Not only that but they have quite a few ski resorts?! I just learned that from a friend the other day… 😄

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