Divide and Conquer

On my to-do list for spring is to do some serious plant dividing this year. As much as I love buying up everything in sight at our local nursery, my yard is filled with perennials that can definitely use some dividing and conquering, like the day lily out front.

When we moved here it was just a little bitty thing but over the years it’s grown.


It’s beautiful but it’s beginning to take over that entire front flower bed. So I can either dig some of it up and move it this spring or wait until after it blooms to try and tackle transplanting. I’d rather do it sooner than later.

The Shasta daisy next to it is another one that needs to be split up as it’s taking over now, too.

Like the day lily it started out small but has multiplied so much that it feels like a jungle out there between the two of them now!

I love them both but they definitely need some taming.

We also need to replace the liner in the little pond out front. At the end of summer last year we noticed it wasn’t holding water for as long as it usually did, which means it has a tear somewhere, which means it will need to be taken apart and re-lined.

It is a fair bit of work to move all the river rock and dismantle it all but luckily it’s not too big, though, and totally worth the effort. We both love the little pond so much.

We’re not the only ones, either. The little birds use it for bathing and it’s fun to sit at the bay window and watch them splash about in it all summer.

I also want to tackle a project I meant to get to last year but didn’t find the time or energy for and that’s my antique farmer’s market cart. It needs a fresh coat of paint and a new top.

It is over 100 years old and one of my favorite yard antiques. I absolutely love it and really want to put it to good use this year.

I still haven’t decided what color I want to paint it but I’m thinking a bright, cheery yellow with a green canvas top. I’ve got plans for actually selling things like eggs, home made soaps and flowers from it this year so it’s a priority to get it done right away so I can do that.

That way I’ll have extra spending money to spend at the local nursery! 😆

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