Back to Reality

My recent dream about being at the lake in mid summer was quite inspiring and gave me the mental boost I needed to face the reality of life here in mini Siberia, particularly on this bleak February morning. I woke up to find a thick fog blanketing the valley, just to add insult to injury (or in my case, to make this cabin fever feel even more suffocating).

I went out to make my rounds and found one of the sparrow hawks trying to pull a dying starling out of the poultry netting, causing quite a ruckus and sending starling feathers and body parts flying in every direction. Like me, I think the pheasant had little sympathy for them since they are always trying to steal their food.

The magpies watched in amusement. They are far too clever to get stuck in the netting.

Ah, the circle of life continues.

Speaking of that, the other day I pulled out all my seeds so I can start shifting my thinking ahead to spring planting (yay!) and was happy to find that I have plenty left from last year along with the seeds I harvested from our gardens. I’ve also been buying more varieties for this coming year, like the black and white pumpkins that I can’t wait to plant.

The problem is, though, my seeds are getting a bit difficult to keep organized! So I decided to do something about that and ordered this handy, dandy seed organizer which is a bit like a recipe box.

It came with seed packets and while it will be a fair bit of work, it will be nice to have that instead of this…

Plus that will give me something to do while I sit at the little table and watch the circle of life happening out the window, hoping the fog lifts and the sunshine returns. 🌞

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