Midsummer’s Dream

Cabin fever has been setting in hard on me the last few days. It’s definitely that time of year when I begin to not just grow weary of winter, but begin to feel almost suffocated by the cold and ice and snow. By now the holidays are long past, we’ve been out dog sledding a few times and I’ve slipped and fallen on the ice enough times to just be over it all.


Last night I dreamed it was mid summer and we were up at the lake, with the warm sun on my face and my feet in the cold mountain water.

Then we were hiking our favorite trails, excited at what we’d find around each twist and turn…

The summers are definitely worth waiting for here.

I have to remind myself of this fact when it’s the dead of winter and I’m going a bit mad trapped inside while the world around me is covered in a thick blanket of snow and ice. I have to tell myself “this too shall pass” because after all these years of living here I know the routine.

I know that in just a few short weeks (okay, a few loooong weeks) the tulips will begin to emerge and the robins will return…

And soon after they’ll make their nests and bless us with new babies who will follow me around the yard chatting with me…

Until then, I just have these sled dogs who think I’m crazy when I ask them “aren’t you guys ready for summer yet?!”. 😆

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