Adventures in Photography: Husky Puppy Photoshoot

I thought it would be fun yesterday to try and get some good pictures of the puppies and while I did get a few, only one or two were worthy of a calendar (and even then it would be a free one at the gas station). πŸ˜„

First I tried doing each one individually…

But as soon as they see me they just want to cuddle and play, so getting them to pose was next to impossible.

So I tried to run their crazies out first. Then I gave them some cuddles and a treat. Next, I wanted them to all line up in the husky ice rink as I like to call it for a group shot. It’s their summer pool that we let freeze over and fill up with snow to play in.

Getting all eight of them in there was a challenge, partly because they figured out there’s a snow ramp they can use to climb out at the back and also because their mom kept photo bombing my pictures…

I did manage to get a couple cute ones…

Not of all eight of them together, though. That’s going to have to wait until they’re sleeping I guess! πŸ˜„

So then I went back to trying the individual shots again…

And I did manage to get a good one of each one so I’ll be able to send them to their new owners along with their other baby pictures I’ve been taking the whole time.

Maybe it’s just me, but I love having pictures from when all of our pups were littles and I think other people appreciate it, too! πŸ₯°

11 thoughts on “Adventures in Photography: Husky Puppy Photoshoot

  1. We just bought a puppy a few weeks ago, and the seller sent us some pictures of her when she was younger. It’s nice to have those pictures, so I think what you’re doing is a good idea.

    Those are very cute photos of your Husky pups, also.

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