Sunday Spillover: The Sun, Moon & a Whole Lot of Snow

I can hardly believe it’s Sunday already! Well, actually I can because the pups let out a pre-dawn group howl because for some reason they think they should wake up the entire planet early on the weekend days. 🤨

I assured them that they are not cute that early and no, they weren’t getting leftover fajitas from our dinner last night! As if I’d share those anyway lol.

Anyway, speaking of sharing, I had a few photos leftover that I didn’t get to share this week so I’m sharing them now. First was the lovely Wolf moon we had.

It was the first full moon of 2022 and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky that night, which meant my pack of “wolves” were up all night playing in the moonlight (awwroooo!).

The day we got snow here the sun was blocked by the clouds to the point that it looked like a full moon out there. I thought it was really pretty!

The snow was very pretty, too…

We don’t have any more in the forecast coming up but there should be plenty for the sled dog races happening all around the area over the next few weeks (hooray!).

Once the races are over then it’s just a short time until spring arrives and I’m already planning our veggie garden and anticipating seeing those irises we planted come back and hopefully flower. That’s the thing about gardening, there’s always something to look forward to!

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! 🥰

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