Anemoiac Moi

Do you ever feel nostalgic for a time in which you never lived? Me too!

Did you know there’s a name for it?

Anemoia is a word coined by The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, which means: nostalgia for a time you’ve never known.

So that makes us Anemoiacs (I presume).

I feel especially nostalgic for the turn of the last century so I try to find ways to bring that era to life in my own little ways. Every room in my house and even the way we are striving to live a modern homesteader lifestyle pays homage to that time.

Deep down I long for a simpler life, I suppose. Well simpler in some ways and much harder in others, right?

They definitely didn’t have fancy home latte machines back then…

But I could have made do!

They had to use hand pumps to actually get their water from the ground to the surface rather than using them for lawn decor…

But I’m sure I’d have gotten the hang of it. My arms would have been super strong as a bonus!

Back then you didn’t have the luxury of running to the grocery store for your meat and eggs and caramel crunch ice cream. You ate what you raised, or did without, which is what I have to do anyway thanks to my wonky mast cells…

Of course they didn’t have the ability to order chicken feed online and have it delivered with free 3 day shipping, but I’m sure they didn’t mind and I wouldn’t have either since I’d have no idea what internet was or that it would come in so handy in the future!

They definitely didn’t have electric lights, or if they did, they were few and far between still…

Again, I’d have fit right in as I love my oil lamps and candles. Of course I’m prone to accidents so I’d probably have set the place on fire a few times, but I’d have survived.



Oh, who am I kidding? If I had been born back then I’d have probably never made it past childhood but it is fun to day dream about life in the “good old days”. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Anemoiac Moi

  1. I had no idea there was a word for that, how interesting that it is so common a feeling! I think there’s a lot more to it actually, there’s plenty of evidence, not just anecdotal, that we can carry memories from past lives. Mice have been studied and fears trained into one generation pass along to the next one. Also in flatworms, a species which can regrow their heads like lizards can regrow their tails, they have cut their heads off and when the new ones regrew they ‘remembered’ the ‘misplaced’ light source, suggesting ‘memory’ does not reside in the brain alone. The controversial biologist Rupert Shedrake has done many such experiments. He talks of ‘morphogenic fields’ that carry information and has done experiments on dogs to prove some of them have a kind of “ESP” that can foretell when their owners are coming home. It’s all quite fascinating! Thanks for the new word! 🙂

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  2. I like the word. And I love that lamp. I doubt I’d have made it out of childhood either, if it weren’t for modern medicine, having spent some time in the hospital at age 4. I hope that someday, somehow, your health will improve.

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