A Day in the Life: Frosty Friday Fun

You know that saying, “be careful what you wish for”? Well, I was wishing for some fresh snow so we can hopefully go sledding this weekend (and so I don’t have to worry about slipping on the ice left over from the last good snow storm!).

And boy did my wish come true! It definitely snowed.

Of course that didn’t deter the little house finches and sparrows from waiting at the window for me to fill the feeders back up.

They seriously pigged out yesterday! I’d say the new feeding station is a huge hit with them and the starlings…

Dash who normally sleeps out at night, slept in and was just as excited as I was to see them and the snow…

He doesn’t get to bird watch with me often.

I had traded him out for Draco, who normally sleeps in but he wanted to sleep out with his babies despite blowing most of his winter coat out. He spent all day laying outside their kennel watching and interacting with them, it was just so cute…

We have heated indoor kennels for them all so he slept on one side and they slept on the other with their mommy and everyone else slept out in their straw-filled barrels which is where they prefer to sleep. That or directly in the snow. 😆

As soon as the babies food was ready I headed out to feed them and to refill the bird feeder and almost tripped over a late night delivery from Amazon that was left on the front porch!

My hands were full and I couldn’t see my feet so that could have been disastrous.

After cheating death, I did my rounds and fed everyone and then decided to let the babies out into the big play yard to see how they’d react to the fresh snow.

Of course they loved it!

I stayed out there way too long playing with them but it was worth a few frozen fingers. This little guy is the spitting image of my Tonka when he was little and was cracking me up with his one ear that’s standing up now.

It won’t be long before both ears stand up on all of them and in just a few weeks they’ll be ready for their new homes. We already have a waiting list for half of them and I’m sure it won’t be long before they’re all spoken for.

Which is a good thing because it’s too easy to talk myself into keeping one or two (or three)… 😄

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: Frosty Friday Fun

  1. So darling! Now I must also get a feeding station for the wild birds. We have no birds right now, it’s kinda odd. Normally we at least have Cardinals this time of year. Nice to see them so plentiful in your pics! So funny how the dogs like to sleep like that in the snow!


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